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The People's portal primarily provides FREE online classifieds services to the public. It is rightly called– the place where citizens meet, interact, share information, buy or sell and in doing so knowingly or unknowingly support a worthy cause towards supporting local societies for the underprivileged.

By Helping yourself.. you are Helping Society...

How? ... its simple: Find out what's trending on Mowatens....

At mowatens we constantly strive to bring you interesting and useful new features from time to time. We offer you a platform to exchange and leverage the best deals - be it real estate, vehicles, jobs, home items for sale, etc ....and all this FREE OF COST! You can post your Ad here for FREE and buy, sell or rent just about anything instantly. So if something here interests you, be the first to catch it on

As you patronize the services, Mowatens in the process commits to share back part of its revenues to the underprivileged sections of society namely Orphanages and Old Age Homes.

Social Responsibility

We strongly stand by our commitment to contributing a part of the revenues towards supporting local orphanages and homes for the aged without any bias. Hence your every click is precious to us and enables us to confidently stand for the underprivileged on your behalf.

Our initiative:

It would interest you to know that as a first step forward, your Mowatens has, at its inception, already contributed $1000 each to two of the local charitable societies. The aim is to continuously support such charitable organizations on end and we look forward to the continuous support of all our patrons in this noble endeavor.

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